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I developed Core Solutions™ to get you thinking about who you are at a core level. To ask, “What defines my team?”, or to answer, “What is the core culture of this organization?” Everything you or your organization does flows from the core; the values, drives and beliefs that define you. I help you be yourself, but with more skill. Or more skillz, cause the ‘z’ makes it powerful.

I work with you to customize the specific tools, experiences and activities that will make your hopes, dreams, needs and objectives a reality. I know that sounds like I’m over promising. Like me you’ve probably been to some packaged training times that were no more than an event. A one-time fix that leaves you or your team wondering, “That was great, what next?” Or worse, saying, “That did nothing to move the needle in our context.” I design and train for sustainable and multiplying results.

What good is training if you or your team don’t know how to implement or keep the new information sticky and useful? To avoid that kind of disaster, I design, deliver and coach for success.

My focus is to help you, your team and your organization experience rapid results. If you’re reading this, it must be resonating with you. It’s time to invest in the future. In your future.

Core Solutions™ are the tools and experiences that help you stop drifting, increase awareness and develop the skills you need to be an effective leader, a good human and to experience meaningful changes with positive results. Whether you need 1×1 leadership work, a dynamic team time, or an organizational shift, together we can find the solution to provide the lasting change you’re looking for.

See descriptions below. Each solution is customized for you and your context. Some solutions can be combined or provide ongoing opportunities to partner with me.

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Core Self

This is where we spend time on you. Connecting what you do with who you are, at a core level. You will leave with a new level of awareness to make your dreams and goals a reality. This is data driven information that helps you reconnect with how you are naturally wired, while also looking at areas you need to develop to be more effective. We can start this in as little as 1.5 hours, but most clients elect for one of the 4-hour or 6-hour packages.

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Core Leader

Building on the information about who you are at the core, we look at your leadership strengths and how to become the leader your team or organization needs. You may have recently been promoted and as they say, you’re not sure ‘what got you here will get you there’. This is normally 4-hours, but many people or organizations developing new leaders elect for 3-6 months of bi-monthly coaching sessions.

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Core Team

Be as intentional about your people as you are about your product. Your teams can make or break your business, yet recent studies by LinkedIn, Gallup and indicate that 87% of companies rate themselves weak on training. Additionally, 65% of your workforce say they feel unprepared for a leadership role and up to 78% of your workers would stay longer with a clear path of growth.

Those are huge numbers against the average cost of $20,000 to replace a Millennial employee. It’s even more for experienced high-performers you lose. It’s time to invest in your teams to keep them engaged and excited. I can create meaningful training experiences in 2-hour blocks, 1/2-day or full-day programs. We can also look at lunch-and-learn microlearning times or even keynote opportunities that aren’t just fun, but will bring the meaningful change you’re looking for.

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Core Startup

The number 1 reason startups fail is people problems. Recent research at Inc. shows that VC’s invest in startups with strong teams. As we work together, we’ll focus on creating your startup team vs. your long term team. Startup teams are intense relationships, that are very similar to marriage. Think of how often you’ll be staring at each other! It’s critical to choose wisely and invest in the relationship early!  

I’ll help you answer questions like, “What are the clear values and culture you’re creating?” Is that even in focus? Your culture will help you rapidly understand who fits and who doesn’t so you don’t make hiring mistakes. You also need to answer, “What are you good at now and where are the gaps?”  We can dig in weekly for anywhere from 1-3 months to start off right. Options for additional coaching to stay on track are available.

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Core Generations

Today’s workforce is incredibly diverse! This can create great opportunities, but it can also bring frustration and conflict. While the world seems more divided than ever, uniting generations within your organization can create an advantage for your business. Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials and even Generation Z are all involved in teams and organizations, each bringing the insights and expertise unique to their individual experiences while also representative of their generation.

Don’t spend so much time on the differences when you can invest in the strengths your people bring to the table. This workshop and training is designed to help leaders and teams see the core areas they share and not get bogged down and distracted.  There is incredible excitement around a culture of multigenerational mentoring, training and collaboration. This can be delivered as two or three 2-hour blocks or in one 4-6 hour day.

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Core Feedback (360)

Feedback can be a dirty word. People can think of it as ‘the other F-word’. Because of negative connotations, feedback is often avoided. But, without feedback, it’s hard to improve and you can delude yourself into thinking you don’t need to. Studies show that feedback done well and done consistently is a powerful tool for growth, development and maturity. In this program, we take the time to learn methods of giving and receiving feedback. You’ll also learn how to clarify expectations so relationships and trust can grow. We will use tools to bring data into the equation. Relationships + data = Awesome. Can be delivered at the individual, team or organizational level. Incredibly helpful if done with clients in mind.

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Core Conflict

The cost of conflict can be enormous for individuals, teams and organizations. You just can’t escape conflict, but you can learn to manage it in productive ways. Conflict can be powerful if you take the time to move towards it rather than passively avoid it. Conflict gives you an opportunity to learn what matters most to people and make things right. Relationships can actually be strengthened if conflict is handled well. Learn how to control conflict so it doesn’t control you. This is ideally part of a 4-hour program, but can be broken up into 2-hour blocks or stretched into a 6-hour day long workshop.

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Core Communication

Relationships that struggle, at work, at home and with clients, are often just a byproduct of poor communication and misunderstandings. Wouldn’t it be great if you could speak the right motivational language when the stakes were high? Core Communication is designed to help you, your team and your organization increase not only self awareness, but learn how to communicate in the motivational style of those around you. We can achieve positive results in as little as 2-hours, but 4-6 hours is ideal for this fun and engaging workshop. Ideal for teams or your whole organization. Can also be modified into coaching for individuals.


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