I was lucky enough to get the Happy Isles to Sunrise/Merced Lake (Pass through), exit at Whitney permit reservation. So, that is my route. I will enter August 5 and I will exit the 20th or 21st. I will hike approximately 15m/day.

So, my plan at this point is to drive my humanity to Tuolumne Meadows on the 3rd, spend the night there, and then catch YARTS the morning of the 4th into Yosemite Valley. This allows me to leave my car and some supplies at TM. My goal is to only bring what I need for the night of the 4th in Yosemite Valley…possibly the night of the 5th on the trail [I hope to have 15-20 pounds total pack weight]. I’d like to go light and fast the first day, because of all the climbing [‘fast’ is extremely relative- fast compared to carrying a 40-60 pound pack up the sheer cliffs of Yosemite Valley].

This means I’ll be taking the tarp-like set up of my tent and leaving the rest in my car. Then, bringing my ground pad, a 40* rated bag, 24 hours of food, water filtration, first aid/meds, poop gear and a toothbrush. Whom I kidding? I don’t need a toothbrush.

Arriving in the valley, I will go to the wilderness office to pick up my permit and get myself to Backpackers’ Camp for the night. This should give me the day to basically explore and relax while eating big meals in a café/restaurant and have a celebratory pint or two.

I will wake up the 5th, eat breakfast somewhere hot and delicious and be on my way. I hope to make it to TM by the evening. But, if things are harder than I’m imagining, I don’t mind sleeping somewhere near Cathedral Lakes and getting to TM in the late morning.

On my return to Tuolumne Meadows, I will resupply about 2-3 days of food [left in a bear box] and my other gear [from my car]. I’ll eat something at the restaurant [breakfast or lunch] and be on my way.

I will be sending a small resupply box to Red’s Meadows and when I stop there I will eat at the Mule House Café. So, for about the first week, I will not be carrying a ton of food.

My last resupply will be at Muir Trail Ranch, where I’m also set up to spend one night. That will give me a dinner, breakfast, lunch and my plan is to basically stuff my bear canister and go when I check out. I’d like to finish the JMT 7 days after leaving MTR.

I will then hike down Whitney, eat at the Portal Store, hitch out and spend the night feasting in Lone Pine. Ending my trip will include a ride from Lone Pine on Eastern Sierra Transit Authority to Mammoth Lakes…a transfer to YARTS to continue to Tuolumne Meadows…finding my car key and driving home.

I will definitely blog the reality of this plan on my return. I should clear up that I’m using the word plan loosely. I’ve bought a bunch of food, and if you read the post about my food you know that there isn’t really much of a plan. I’m going to bring and eat things I like…I have no idea if they will provide the calories I need…I don’t have some cool chart…I guess I can catch fish if I need to?