I’ve been avoiding this for at least a month. When I first starting planning for my hike, I was amped to get some thoughts on ‘paper’ by having a blog. It would contain my hopes and fears for walking the 220ish miles of the John Muir Trail. It would be messy, naive and a metaphor for the other parts of my life that are unfinished.

Finally, here I am. I will most likely have bits that others have included on their long walks. How my planning is going. What I am bringing and what things weigh. What I will eat. A log of my experience.

I also hope to include some of my inner workings, because I am doing this hike to look a bit deeper into me and what makes me tick. I will look at words like pace, solitude, isolation, community, pack weight, suffering, stewardship and who knows what else. I want to see how those words resonate ‘out there’ compared to being in my ‘normal’ life.

I feel like I am me wherever I go, but I’m hoping for a bit more clarity.

For those that don’t know me, I’m 45. A husband and father. Dodgers fan. I like strong coffee and a good IPA.

Thanks for reading this and maybe I’ll see you on the trail.